The common things Airbnb request- how to have continually happy Airbnb guests!

ManageMyAir have welcomed thousands of guests to the homes of Copenhageners over the last 2 years-

We hope some of the experience we have gained can help your guests experience be a good one!

  1.    Hairdryer…. Our guests request hair dryers often- with many holiday makers preferring to travel light it is always appreciated when a hairdryer is available for them
  2.    Babybed…. If your guests are traveling with a baby it will be useful for them to have a travel/baby bed available. So if you rent out often it’s nice to provide this. If you rent out less often perhaps you would like to hire one instead (ManageMyAir have a baby equipment rental service available- please send us a message for more details)
  3.    Coffeemaker– we find high on the requirement list for many of our guests is a coffee maker- so at least have a basic coffee maker available (and remember to provide some coffee too!)
  4.    Recommendations on things to do (from a local perspective)/ guests can easily find the main tourist attractions via a simple Internet search- however having a nice selection of your favorite places, coffee shop, restaurant- will be greatly appreciated by your guests
  5.    Shampoo, shower gel etc– with increasing cabin baggage only travelers- providing the basic toiletries will really help your guests;