Key handover

We offer key organization from 450 kr. Contact us for additional details.


We offer professional cleaning and preparation of your property. We know what it takes to make your home shine.

Prices incl. transport:

1,5 h 690 kr
2 h 840 kr
2,5 h 990 kr
3 h 1140 kr

Linen and towels

We offer white bed linen, bath towels, small towels, bath mat, professional-quality tea towel.

Prices from 180 kr pr guest

Linen delivery cost depends on distance and is minimum 300 kr (it must be purchased and can not be collected).
Linen pick-up after last cleaning is not included but can be returned by the client to our office within office hours.

Useful information before booking

⦿ We operate and provide services in the Copenhagen area.
⦿ There are extra distance fees for apartments more than 5km from Nørreport.
⦿ There is a one time onboarding fee. Please contact us for additional details.
⦿ Clients must ensure all cleaning equipment and products are at the apartment and fill out a document describing locations/product info.
⦿ We require minimum 3 days advance notice for services.
⦿ We don't provide services on Sundays or public holidays (in emergency requirements costs are x2)
⦿ For new customers we may not be able to help during busy periods, but please feel welcome to contact us regarding availability.