Go the extra mile

ManageMyAir helps owners find time to get five-star reviews. At ManageMyAir, we take care of your guests. Entrepreneur and CEO Cheryl Barnes shares her insights on how ManageMyAir helps owners achieve five-star reviews time and time again.

Being a “tour guide” – Guests through Airbnb really appreciate insider tips that they can research before their trip begins. For example: Detailed directions / info on local events / your favorite restaurant / Hidden bars / child-friendly restaurants (if you know a family is coming). At ManageMyAir, we always do our best to go the extra mile for the properties we service, e.g. with helpful messages to the guests before they have even hopped on the plane.

Have a sparkling clean and inviting home. This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing for the arriving guests. Our well-trained team of assistants at ManageMyAir understand the standard required to maintain the five star guest ratings for cleanliness.

Be punctual with guests’ requests during their stay. Your guests are on holiday and from time to time there will be a need for you to be their “tour guide”, a bit like if they had booked a travel package. ManageMyAir strives to go beyond guests’ expectations. Therefore, our Airbnb hosts end up with even more five-star ratings and, not least, more bookings.

“The extra mile – welcome” – When you meet your guests with the keys, give them some useful information that will make their stay in your home much easier. Where should the garbage bag be thrown? Where is the nearest supermarket? Is there a baker nearby that sells Danish pastry? Together with your written welcome and information list, this verbal information can make them feel more at home. ManageMyAir “Key bearers” ensure that they have the necessary information about the property and the local area, so that they are able to provide the best welcome possible.

A small welcome gift – Is not a necessity, but a small gift goes a long way. A little chocolate, a couple of beers or maybe some fruit and milk bought especially for them will make them feel that you really want them to have a good stay. At ManageMyAir we have individual plans for our hosts in relation to who wants us to provide this extra service for them.

A small message during the guests’ stay to check if everything is as it should be is a good thing to do, it might help to find a solution to a problem that the guests have but were too nice to mention.

ManagMyAir strives to help owners ensure their guests have the best possible stay. Contact us to find out how we can help you