Key handover while you are on holiday

Have you planned your summer vacation and are you considering renting out your home in Copenhagen on Airbnb while you are away? Maybe you haven't got any bookings yet, but you hope to. What is your solution if you get bookings after you have left?

Handling the keys to your home in Copenhagen during the summer period.

ManageMyAir can store your keys and take care of key handover while you are on holiday. If you get bookings while you are traveling yourself, we take care of the contact with the guests, arrange key handover, make your home ready for the guests, check your home after the guests have left and act as an emergency contact person.

Then you can say yes to bookings and not miss out on some extra money earned while you’re away.

Please contact us if you would like a meeting with us or if you would like further information.

ManageMyAir founder Cheryl Barnes has over 10 years experience looking after the holiday homes of owners. We understand you need a trusted, reliable company to ensure everything is taken care of so you do not need to worry. ManageMyAir can provide one-off services or provide a “Full Package” where we manage everything.