New Airbnb legislation – what does it mean for you?

In agreement with the Ministry of Taxation, Airbnb is a platform that will report your rental income to SKAT. You can then rent out your apartment for 70 days a year (up to 100 – this is up to your municipality). *After this, however, you can still rent out a single room in your home.

When do the new rules apply?
Valid from 1 January 2019

How many days can I rent out my apartment on Airbnb?
70 days a year

How do the new tax rules work when renting through Airbnb?

Where the basic deduction previously depended on the size of the home, the basic deduction under the new rules is for everyone. This means that all rental income under DKK 28,000 is tax-free. Everything over DKK 28,000 is taxed at 60% and not 100% as in the past.

Calculate Tax after basic deduction on your home on SKAT’s website

Other important things:

Cleaning deduction through ManageMyAir

You can get a deduction for the cleaning help we offer when you rent out your apartment with ManageMyAir. On your invoice, we will note the exact amount spent on the cleaning and with this, as well as ManageMyAir’s CVR number, you can apply for the deduction through
NOTE: You must be registered as a resident at the address where you had the cleaning done in order to have the deduction granted.

Craftsman deduction through SKAT
ManageMyAir CVR: 37535648