Tips for first time Airbnb hosts

Here are some quick top tips for first time hosts and hosts who wish to improve their bookings;
Take beautiful photos!
Potential guests scroll through many listings, ensure they take notice of yours by taking bright photos showcasing the major areas.

When taking photos for your listing and when you have guests, store any unnecessary items in a storage box out of the way. It’s nice to have some personal touches, however aim for clear surfaces as much as possible.

Clean, Clean, Clean!
When guests are looking to book accommodation, their number 1 priority is cleanliness. You can have a beautifully decorated, fantastically located space, but if guests see grubby kitchens and bathrooms this will cause bad reviews which equals reduced bookings! You can book cleaning with us here

Write experiences not just facts!
The average potential Airbnb guests when looking through listings are more likely to book your place if you can describe how your apartment can give the best experience for guests’ visits- for example: instead of ‘sunny balcony’ you could say ‘sunny balcony to enjoy breakfast bought from the numerous local deli shops in the area’ or instead of ‘fully equipped kitchen’ you could say “when not eating out at the fabulous cafes and restaurants in the area you have full use of our fully equipped kitchen”

Price competitively!
Airbnb is very competitive in Copenhagen with many new properties being listed- You may need to price lower than you would like for the first few bookings until you get reviews. More guests are booking with Airbnb every day however it is the nature of the site that travelers and hosts prefer to book with a reviewed space than not. So a lower price might encourage them.

No false promises!
Be honest when describing your space, it will be repayed to you with happier guests more likely to give a good review. If the loft bedroom has awkward low ceilings say “our cosy loft room feels like a cocoon and we always sleep well there- but the ceilings are low so if you are tall then take extra care😊

Think like a tourist!
What do tourists like doing in Copenhagen… Canal tour, sightseeing, cafes, theater, tivoli?? Describe if your apartment is in easy access to the tourist “things to do”. When you book a holiday you don’t just look at the hotel room…. you look at the nearby beach, the attractions, the restaurants- help your guests picture themselves holidaying in Copenhagen (while staying at your lovely home)

We hope this has been helpful.