Earn money while you’re away

Managemyair offers professional help for renting out your home through Airbnb. Here are examples of who we have helped.

Where: Østerbro
Number of days away: 2-3 days a week
Number of booked days: all available days have been booked
Month: March and until now
Total earned: DKK 32,000+

John works in Copenhagen Monday-Thursday and commutes to Gothenburg to his girlfriend at the weekends. He has decided to make money from his apartment in Østerbro by renting it out on Airbnb. But he needed help to receive the guests, hand over the key, make the apartment clean and ready on Fridays. He works a lot and couldn’t bear the trouble of having to clean for the guests. He contacted ManageMyAir and we help him organize the key meetings, clean the apartment and wash the bed linen. John enjoys communicating with the guests himself and managing his bookings himself, but leaves all the practical to ManageMyAir.

Where: Inner city
Number of days away: 30
Number of days booked: 28
Month: June
Total earned: DKK 30,000+

Lars and his family had booked a holiday to Thailand for the whole month of June. He heard from a friend that he could make money by renting out his home through Airbnb, but Lars was unsure how to even begin. ManageMyAir met with Lars and helped him with everything. Organized pictures for his listing, helped him write the description for the listing, advised him how to prepare his home for guests, choose what kind of guests he wanted to stay (Lars only wanted families and business people staying), arranged his calendar and bookings , communicated with the guests, meetings with key delivery, organized cleaning and bed linen change, basically we did everything. Lars and his family could relax on their holiday and rest assured that their home was well taken care of and even earn an average of DKK 1,000 per month. night doing nothing. The guests were really happy to stay in Lars’ home and he now has really good recommendations on his page which will help him tremendously with bookings for the next time he has to travel.

ManageMyAir is passionate about helping home owners rent out their homes with peace of mind while a professional company takes care of everything and ensures guests have the best experience during their visit to Copenhagen.

Where: Indre Østerbro
Number of days away: 4 days every other week and holidays
Number of days booked: 15
Month: June/July
Total earned: 35000

Anders works in southern Jutland and has a 2.5 hour drive and his children live part-time with their mother. Anders has a beautiful and spacious home that he loves and enjoys showing off and therefore he also enjoys sharing it with others. However, he also loves to travel and really wants to renovate his home. He met with ManageMyAir entrepreneur Cheryl, who focused on the type of guests he would like to borrow his home and which days he would be out of town. ManageMyAir handled the rest from here, i.a. answered booking requests, optimization of pricing as well as preparing his home before and after the guests’ stay.

He simply lets ManageMyAir know when he’s out of town and they do the rest. He can leave his home without doing anything, come home to a clean home and, on top of that, with more money in his account.

He plans to stay in a hotel some of the days near his job and at the same time make money from families and business travelers enjoying Copenhagen and using his home as a convenient base.

Where: Sluseholmen
Number of days away: 30
Number of days booked: 25
Month: July
Total earned: DKK 30,000+

Peter had booked his holiday early in the year and after hearing about Airbnb he thought he would give it a try. He made the announcement himself and within a few hours he already had short 2-3 day bookings. But his problem was that he had to leave after 2 days and had no solution for how to meet the guests and prepare the apartment for the next ones. That is why he was very happy when he found ManageMyAir’s website and with this they found a solution within 24 hours. ManageMyAir collected Peter’s keys from his office and began welcoming guests the next day. Peter has had several bookings while he was in the south of France and ManageMyAir has managed it all for him.

The guests are very happy with his beautiful home along the canal and Peter has earned extra money which can help him on his way to his next holiday.